We build houses with a touch of class. Building a new house is a journey and should be enjoyed from the first day you visit your architecht until the day you move into your dream house.Once you have decided about the design of the house, that is when the fun begins. It is very expensive to build a house. Building materials  are very expensive, and should be used with care and diligence.

We use various methods of finishing like tiling, and Cemcrete Colour Hardner, which is one of the floor finishes we have perfected. We include a few sample photo's of previous projects where we have used Colour Hardner. There is a wide range of not less than 14 colours to chose from. There is also the option of using Cemcrete's Floorcrete, and then we also use Cretestain, an acid-based mixture containing special chemicals which combine with the cement/concrete and colour the surface of the floor. The finishing thus depends on which product you select.